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About us

People of LAVA is an established and well reputed technology innovator based in Sweden.

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We are the people of LAVA

For decades the hotel industry has become over-encumbered by overpriced installations that are expensive to operate, update and maintain. It's always been our mission to change this.

With more than twenty years of experience within hospitality and over fifty years of working with consumer electronics we can offer advice to make your business an even greater success. By keeping it simple and using the latest technology, we can minimise your costs and increase your revenue. Our technology offers you the edge you need to get ahead and we will deliver what you need, when you need it. Nothing more, nothing less.

As a company we are highly skilled, acutely aware of trends and extremely dedicated.

As a partner we are stable, reliable and experienced.

We are People of Lava. We’re united. You’re invited.

  • 1967 - Lars Svantesson founded his first technology innovative company.

  • 1972 - Lars Svantesson established Sweden’s first franchise concept for electronics retail shops.

  • 2001 - Premium brand LAVA was created: high-end advanced TVs made in Sweden.

  • 2007 - Developed and innovated the world's first motorized TV wall-mount: "mMotion Swing".

  • 2008 - Engaged with Google for project "Window to the World": implementing an Android-chipset into a TV. 

  • 2010 - Introduced world’s first Android Smart-TV with a connected app store.

    • In less than 48 hours press-release was republished in more than 500 000 articles/notices.

    • The name of the TV was “Scandinavia”.

  • 2012 - The world's first fully cloud-based infotainment solution for hotels INVIT was launched and installed in Nordic Choice Hotels.

  • 2014 - Venture-backed by Hatcher, one of Singapore’s leading venture funds.

  • 2017 - Spain office is established.

  • 2019 - Invit release the 6:th generation Infotainment with web-based distribution platfom. Global rollout.

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Together we make an even stronger partner for the hotel TV industry in Spain.

With better service and support, wider range and greater coverage we are the #1 choice!

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Meet our team

Our core team is a group of highly skilled and dedicated individuals with several years of experience in development, sales and services for the hospitality industry.

Lars Svantesson

Co-founder, CEO

With 45+ years experience of the global CE-industry, Lars’ network is unrivalled. Having started and built up several successful own ventures during his career, Lars has also assisted international well-known CE-brands to start their operations in Europe, for example Japanese electronics-giant Alpine, American MTX, and Swiss/Italian Macrom.

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Frederick Thornberg

VP, Projects & Installations

With more than 25 years of experience from the hospitality industry, as head of IT, working with IT infrastructure, networks and various solutions (PMS, infotainment, IPTV etc), Frederick heads our projects and installations department.

Fred has worked with IT for Radisson in Sweden, and as a senior manager at Carlson Rezidor in the United Kingdom, for 10 years, before joining People of LAVA.

+46 303 79 80 98
Per Kristiansson

SVP Product Development

Having more than 30 years in the company, Per has been responsible for our development since day one. His background in design and engineering of audio/visual products mixed with an unique understanding of market & business has been a key component in Lava success story.

Per has also had several tech consulting assignments to international companies as IKEA, Hisense and Volvo Cars supplier Alpine Electronics.

+46 303 798 082
Andreas Forsbom

Head of Software Development

Andreas has more than twelve years experience working in IT with web- & systems development as his main focus. Currently he’s leading the development of our systems architecture.

His keen eye for detail and sensibilty to current and future trends make him an indisposable member of our team.

+46 303 79 80 90
Vladimir Karadzovski

Sales Manager Spain

Vladimir is a driven self made sales and marketing professional with more than ten years in the hotel industry in Spain. For the last three years he’s been building our operation in Spain from the ground up.

+34 661 757 618

“A vision unlike any other TV manufacturer we’ve spoken to.”, USA

“We applaud PoL for their work on the world’s first Android TV!”

Tim Smally, Expert Reviews, UK

“A revolution in the TV-sofa”

Dagens Industri

HATCHER - One Of Singapore’s Leading Venture Funds

The Hatcher Mentor Group

The Hatcher Mentor group includes alumni from some of the world’s most valuable companies such as Google, Ali Baba, Facebook and Paypal

The Hatcher Track Record

Hatcher has been creating and building new ventures since 2012 and has grown its NAV from USD 8 million to over USD 50M, creating value in excess of USD 200M

The Hatcher Success Story

Hatcher has to-date over 90% success rate, as 12 out of 13 Investees are active and growing in Value
Hatcher has taken very small companies in the IT world into the Global Sphere such as Apex Peak, Telr and Dropmysite

The Hatcher Commitment to INVIT

Hatcher has invested several millions USD into the business and is committed to a multi-million investment program over the next 12-36 month. The business plan & strategic growth objective is to expand INVIT on an international platform for a global distribution in Europe, Americas, ASIA, Middle East & Africa.