... and the most flexible, smart and profitable system in the hotel market.

With unique features for your customers

We've created Lava INVIT to give the best possible experience for you and your guests. With flexibility, scalability and usability our system will sustain you and your business for a long time.

  • Lava INVIT is a cloud based hospitality entertainment system and marketing platform that has revolutionized and changed the industry standard. Lava Invit transforms your TV into a user friendly and profitable portal for you and your guests.

  • Lava INVIT is developed and continuously maintained by our technical team at HQ in Sweden. This results in an agile and flexible roadmap.

  • Use Lava INVIT to analyze your guests behaviour and react accordingly. By knowing how your guests act and interact you can give them a more enjoyabe stay and make them come back for more!

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  • The only marketing tool on the market to promote your services and your brand in an almost 100% personalized way with connection to the PMS

  • It will allow your guests to reserve a table in your restaurant, Spa treatments, and much more. Therefore, it will increase loyalty and in-room sales.

  • It will promote all your external services and it will save you money. All printed material will now be digital on screen.

  • It will recommend your guests where to go and what to do in the nearby area of your hotel

  • They will also receive messages on the screen, personalized greetings, general offers that will make the guest feel more comfortable and welcomed in your hotel.

  • LAVA INVIT will make your guests feel at home, but most important of all, it will increase your income.

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Lava INVIT can be customized to fit your needs. At its core sits a headless Control Management System that can be locally or centrally controlled, which gives you the flexibility and functionality that you need.