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LAVA Advance

The most complete and future-proof hotel TV on the market!

The most complete and future-proof hotel TV on the market!

The winner has it all!

Lava Advance is a step ahead of all other hotel TV’s. With integrated Chromecast (with Netflix support) and INVIT, the hotel marketing platform, we offer the most cost-effective solution for the hotel industry.


  • Integrated Chromecast with Netflix support

  • Integrated Wi-Fi access point

  • Integrated hotel information system, INVIT

  • 5 years warranty

  • IP-TV

  • 4K resolution with HDR technology

  • Available sizes: 43”, 49” and 55”


Chromecast Built-in

Lava Advance comes with Chromecast technology built in. Use your mobile device to stream your favorite shows, movies, music, sports, games, and more to the big screen.

Integrated Access point

An integrated Wireless Access Point allows wireless-capable devices to connect any device to Lava Advance. Convenient, secure, and cost-efficient.

IPTV and multi Digital Tuners

With DVB-T2/S2/C tuners and IPTV platform, Lava Advance supports all the common broadcasting standards no matter if you have a Coaxial or IP network.

Invit Integrated

The marketing tool you need to transform your TV into a powerful platform for communication, promotion, sales and entertainment.

UHD with HDR

LAVA Advance features Ultra High Definition with HDR10 wide Gamut.
The new metadata technology with enhanced brightness and color gives you a picture more vivid and realistic than ever seen before.

5 year warranty

We bet on our products quality. Therefore we offer a 5 year swap warranty on Lava Advance. Our seal for your peace of mind.

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Complementary products

Lava Protect

With LAVA PROTECT you will protect your guests from diseases – fast, efficient and low cost. The disposable protective cover is easily changed daily by your housekeeping staff, who no longer need to clean the remote control.

You save time and show that you care about your guests. Health and safety for your guests and you. LAVA PROTECT is made of recyclable plastic and fits most brands of remote controls. There are also custom-made versions for remotes from LAVA, LG, Samsung and more.


Invit offers the most versatile and future proof solution in the market.

The software based platform and modular hardware interface allows the headend to be cost-efficient, designed and configured for the services and provider specifics of your choice. The system can easily be extended with more tuners and other peripherals at a later stage. Changing from Coax to IPTV after a few years? – No problem.

With the remote access management, the headend and services can instantly be upgraded in case of operator service change or future technology shift. This results in minimum downtime for the guests without any need to re-scan the TV’s.


IP Streamer for IPTV/Cat networks
DVB Streamer for Coaxial networks
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